In this gorgeous book Chef Katie Button has captured the spirit and conviviality of Spanish cooking and brought it to the American table. The well-written recipes, beautiful photographs and passionate approach make me want to run to the kitchen, book a flight to Asheville and travel to Spain all at the same time!
— Suzanne Goin

Home Cooking with Jean-Georges: My Favorite Simple Recipes

By Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Genevieve Ko

This is a terrific book, full of exactly the kinds of recipes I want from a master chef. There’s no special equipment, no exotic ingredients, no long, elaborate preparations. Instead, there are creative, practical dishes that are well within the technical grasp of almost any cook.”
— Russ Parsons, Los Angeles Times

Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges

By Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Genevieve Ko


I am Japanese so it’s a given that I am good at arranging Asian food. Jean-Georges is not Asian but he is excellent at incorporating Asian influences into his own food, and coming up with ingenious combinations. Congratulations to Jean-Georges on the publication of this wonderful book with Asian flavors!
— Nobu Matsuhisa, chef and owner, Nobu & Matsuhisa restaurants worldwide

My Portugal: Recipes and Stories

By George Mendes, Genevieve Ko

One of my favorite chefs has at last written a delicious tome that evokes the delicate balance between fantasy travel to the western Mediterranean and local farming in the USA. The poetic recipes and the mellifluous prose inspire me to shop, to sing fados, and to celebrate and cook these alternately exotic and recognizable simple and evocative dishes for my family. This book makes me hungry for a visit to both Aldea in NYC and the Algarve [in Portugal] and will immediately join my kitchen library on the ‘use now and forever’ shelf.
— Mario Batali, chef/entrepreneur

Not all parties take place after the sun goes down. Sarabeth Levine’s eponymous New York restaurant dates back to 1981 and is famous for its brunch - and long lines - but now everyone can skip the wait and turn their homes into a Sarabeth’s kitchen. Bonus points if you top your apple cider French toast with one of her many fruit preserves.

Whoever put this book in your hands loves you - and you’re about to love them right back! Carla is a born teacher. Full of useful insights, helpful quick-fixes learned from years of trial and error, and her signature humor (and patience), Cooking With Love puts Ms. Hootie Hoo herself right there at the stove next to you, every step of the way. Whether you’re a novice or expert, she’ll have you dancing into the kitchen to whip up unbelievably simple, sumptuous feasts from scratch, whether it’s weeknight Buffalo Wing Burgers, or The Saints’ Gumbo for a weekend get together. If I’m coming to dinner, please make the Groundnut Stew - it’s my favorite!
— Daphne Oz, The Dorm Room Diet

Anyone who watches (or works at!!) the Chew knows that Carla Hall has a special way with comfort foods from the South, so it should come as no surprise that she is also a master of tasty, fresh, and simple foods from the rest of the known world. These quick and easy recipes give me an inexpensive opportunity to travel vicariously through Carla’s eyes, and her fun-filled anecdotes and notes create a happy place to make exactly what I feel like eating right now. Carla is the international ambassador of the perfectly delicious!
— Mario Batali

The Sweet Spot: Asian-Inspired Desserts

By Pichet Ong, Genevieve Ko

A standout and one of the most original dessert books in years...
— New York Times Book Review

When Kenny teaches you how to make dumplings, you laugh and cry and sometimes blush; this book is no exception. With its culinary precision, ultra-tasty/ultra-hip recipes, and spicy humor, Hey There, Dumpling! pulls together every element that makes a dumpling irresistible.
— Sara Kate Gillingham,James Beard Award-winning author and founding editor, The Kitchn and Apartment